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I.B Couriers

I.B is one of express service companies from India. The companies head office is located in Mumbai. I.B is reputed for its cheaper costs and quality service all over India. The company offers excellent services in courier, cargo distributions, parcel delivery and bulk distributions. When compared to other express distribution companies in India, I.B charges low rates for its services. The company delivers all types of Documents, Small and big parcels and Cargo to the destinations.


I.B Couriers and Cargo was established in 1999. Since the inception the company has gained a lot of response and customer satisfaction. The company has a good network, I.B has developed and spread its branches into the major Towns and Cities of India. The company services a list of branded companies in India attending all the requirements in the field of express and cargo deliveries. Online tracking is provided by the Company on their official website.

The services of I.B Couriers

Standard Courier services

The standard courier services is normal delivery services which takes a time of  24 to 36 hours to deliver the documents and parcels within Mumbai. Outside Mumbai and to other states the services takes 2 to 3 days.

Same Day deliveries

This services is important and is available for deliveries of time definite documents and parcels. The documents or parcels are picked up and delivered on the same day itself. The charges of Same day deliveries depends on the distance of the destination.

Over night deliveries

The pick up parcels are sent to the sorting hubs and then loaded to the heavy vehicles bound to different places. The charges of Over night deliveries are lesser compared to the same day deliveries.


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