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Fleetgistics is a delivery specialist company which aim the same day delivery. The Company offers unrivaled solutions that combines innovation with technology. Fleetgistics has three divisions the Partsfleet, Scriptfleet and Medifleet. The services offered by the company are reliable, customer focused, metrics driven and scalable. The company treats the customers and partners respectful helps in promoting the succes . It is action oriented and Collaborative in developing the Optimum Solution for the business.


Fleetgistics provides Industry leading customer satisfaction through unique same day logistic solutions delivered by talented people. The deliveries are done mostly on the same day as soon as possible. There is a solution for each and every requirement the Customers have. The company uses the latest technologies which allows the customers to track all types of shipments with a single touch. The talented staff use the technology to drive into results.

The services offered at Fleetgistics

Same Day Routed Services

The company offers logistic solutions for all the requirements of the customers, From complex distribution networks to single route service and regardless of cargo size and shapes.

On Demand Services

The company offers solutions capable of handling every kind of on-demand shipment from one off rush emergency service to a regular on demand service to a particular location.

Round the Clock Services

The company offers services 24 hours of 7 days round the year. The customers can avail the services at any time required.



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