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Aramex Couriers

Aramex is one among the companies globally which provides solutions to comprehensive logistics and transportation. Aramex was established in 1982 and deals in express distributions. Since the inception the company was able to develop a wide range of network globally. The company became the first Arab based international company to trade its share on stock exchange in the year 1997. The company was well recognized for its customized services and innovative multi products delivering.


Aramex has a good network globally enhancing the faster operations

Aramex Courier company has a network of 12000 offices, 33000 vehicles and 66000 employees globally servicing the requirement of the customers 24 hours ,7 days of the week in more than 240 Countries.  The technology is innovated to intensify its operations and provide the customers with quality services. Improving processes and increasing the efficiency of daily operations is an ongoing activity in Aramex. The company has designed and implemented quality management system to ensure high quality standards all the times globally.

Aramex offers a wide range of services

Aramex is ISO 9001:2008 registered. The staff of Aramex are well qualified, talented and trained to perform each and every functions to attain the customer satisfaction. There is also facility for online tracking system in Aramex. The shipments can be traced or tracked to know the real status. Aramex offers a wide range of services which include Domestic and International express distributions, freight forwarding, logistics and ware housing.



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